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12 Week Dumbbell Workout Challenge

My integrated fitness approach will reset your body and sculpt your dream physique.


This 12 week Total Body Transformation Program is the ultimate program when it comes to building muscle and transforming your body. It can be done at home or the gym using just a set of dumbbells and resistance bands.


These workouts are structured to help you build muscle and sculpt your body. 


Whats included in this workout challenge?

  • 5x a week Training Split (perfect if you are interested in: bulking, cutting, maintaining or doing a body recomp)
    • You have the option to make this a 4-day Training Split by omitting the Upper body Workout of this program.
  • Workout Level: Beginner to Advanced (I included exercise Modifications with video demo)
  • Over 120 unique exercises using just Dumbbells and resistance bands
  • Warm up/Cool Down Routines 
  • Cardio Recommendations
  • Stretching Routines
  • I provide you with step-by-steps instructions how to calculate your Macros and video tutorials of each exercise so you can quickly and confidently learn proper form and maximize your results
  • Lifetime access: This ebook is yours for life to use as many times as you like. You can start tis program anytime, anywhere and because all you need is a set of dumbbells you can even take it on vacation to stay on track.


Don’t waste all your time and energy trying every diet and app out there. Unlock all my secrets to start your transformation today and get long term sustainable results!


What will you be receiving? THIS IS A DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: All materials are digital and sent to you immediately in PDF format. You will not receive a physical book. Download immediately on any computer, tablet, or phone. Please keep a saved file of your ebook! After 30 days you will not be able to acess the link and you will have to purchase the ebook again. Since it is a digital product, it is non-refundable after access has been obtained. Results are based on program adherence and are not guaranteed. E-Book is for purchaser usage only. Please agree not to disclose any information in the document, distribute, sell or show this document to anyone.

12 Week Dumbbell Workout Challenge

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