1 Year Reverse Diet

So I’ve been meaning to reach out and send this update to you. You were my coach from July-December 2020. You were my very first coach I ever had. I had never taken the leap to put my fitness and health as a top priority. Working with you I stopped caring so much about the number in the scale and started paying more attention to the weight in the bar. I made progressive overload a priority as well as proper nutrition. I didn’t start to notice real changes in my physique until probably the last 3 months. It took my an entire year to get a true understanding of how building lean muscle works. How to properly fuel my body. How to make recovery a main priority. And most importantly, to show myself compassion. I believe that my negative mindset was no doubt playing a vital role in my ability to make progress when we were working together. 

You seriously know what the hell you’re talking about. I have been in a reverse diet phrase for the last couple months and my macros are currently 142-145 G protein, 220 G protein, and 58 g fat and I sitting at a body weight of ~142. When in July 2020 I was ~165. It taken me an entire year plus to lose that 20 lbs and keep it off. It was no magic trick and it did not happen overnight. These are things I wish I knew when we first started but there is beauty in the journey. 

Thank you for our time together and thank you for your content that keeps me motivated and educated. 

Client Testimonials


6 Month Lean Bulk

Elizabeth is a great coach with an awesome understanding of movement. Through the last 6 months with her she taught me a lot of new exercises and techniques.

Elizabeth is always attentitive and quick to come back you which is important.

I honestly believe she also genuinely wants to see you succeed which deserves to be mentioned.

If you love your training as I do or if you are looking for someone to push you and hold you accountable then Elizabeth is your girl.



12 Week Lean Bulk To 8 week Mini Cut

I just wanted to thank you for being my coach and trainer over the last 8 months! I can't believe the changes I have made both physically and mentally since beginning your program. I lost 20 pounds, lost 3 inches in my waist and went from a size 4 to a size 0/00. I literally have had so many sweet people tell me how great I look and how far I have come over the last year! I wish I could accept compliments better because I have been getting them so much lately.

More importantly, I have gained so much strength and confidence. Not only am I physically strong but I have also gained more mental strength than I ever imagined that I would.   I have also learned what foods to eat in order to continue maintaining my current physique, and how to balance my macros. 

Thanks again for everything, I couldn't have done it without your expertise!


6 Month Reverse Diet to Mini Cut

For over 20yrs as a sports therapist I thought I knew what I was doing. I had been working out, dieting, carbs no carbs, carb cycling, macro calculating but results varied. I needed help creating an effective plan. For years I kept thinking someone like me didn’t need to ask for help. I thought I had plenty of knowledge. Then I realized the learning never stops. That there must be something missing that I have no knowledge of. That’s where Elizabeth came in. I decided to trust the process and Liz to see if I could achieve the results I have been trying to achieve for decades.

Her program started with me loosing a bit of weight with macro calculating along with heavy weight training. Each week that went by I was actually loosing weight while eating more calories especially carbs. That was truly mind blowing to me. That was the missing link to years of trying to achieve my goals.  I never realized that I actually had to eat more healthy carbs to put on muscle while training with an intense intensity at the gym and at home. 

My journey started for 5.5 months doing a LEAN BULK at 120lbs at 1800 calories. Within a couple of months I was eating 2200 calories weighing 115lbs. At the end of my lean bulk I was 120lbs at 2500 calories. I’m now at 6 weeks LEAN CUT and I’m eating 1550 calories at 114lbs. I’m so amazed with my results. I can now see the results from Liz’s customized kick ass program unique to me and my body. 

The one thing I can honestly say about my program with Liz is to trust her completely because she truly is passionate helping others achieve their goals. It’s her personal mission is to help others. She continues to inspire you daily and will always find a way to challenge your body so you see results. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field of training along with developing a macro nutrient diet specifically for you. Her recommendations for supplements are spot on. From stress, muscle soreness, constipation, PMS, hormonal issues, etc. 

My results are a reflection of Liz’s commitment to her clients because she wants to see each of her clients succeed. Liz has taught me to invest in my body. That it is the only temple you will ever live in. Commit to yourself through diet, exercise, and develop a healthy mindset. Care for yourself and invest in your body because when you do you attract and emit positivity✨

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